A ‘while you wait’ mount cutting service is available, which together with our large selection of ready made frames, often means that artwork can be framed in an instant.

Oval, circle mounts and multi aperture mounts are available to order.

We also offer a dry mounting process. This is a process which heat seals work completely flat, and is recommended when framing large photographs, posters, batiques and tapestries. Prices start from £6.50 – please contact us for a quote.

Mounting Price List

Mount Size (exterior of mount)Mount OnlyHinged & Backed Wrapping
5” x 3.5”£4.50£1.50£1.50
6” x 4”£4.50£1.50£1.50
7” x 5”£4.50£1.50£1.50
8” x 6”£4.50£1.50£1.50
9” x 7”£4.50£1.50£1.50
10” x 8”£4.50£1.50£1.50
8 “ x 8”£4.50£1.50£1.50
10” x 10”£5.50£1.75£1.75
12” x 10”£5.50£1.75£1.75
14” x 11”£6.50£1.75£1.75
16” x 12”£6.50£1.75£1.75
20” x 16”£7.00£2.00£2.00
30cm x 30cm£5.50£1.75£1.75
40cm x 40cm£6.50£2.00£2.00
50cm x 22.7cm£6.50£2.00£2.00
50cm x 40cm£7.00£2.00£2.00
50cm x 50cm£7.50£3.50£3.50
50cm x 70cm£8.50£3.50£3.50
80cm x 60cm£11.50£3.50£3.50
100cm x 50cm£12.50£4.00£4.00
100cm x 70cm£15.00£4.00£5.00
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.
  • Spend more than £100 on mounts only , receive 10% discount
  • Join our loyalty scheme for other discount offers. 
  • Please contact us for a quote if you wish to order in quantities of more than 50.
  • Double mounts available, just double the price.